Men’s Health Club

My friends and me are not very young people, some of us are overweight, have problems with joints, prostate, and one even has hernia of the spine. So, we organized Men’s Health Club and have practices reductive gymnastics Qigong. This type of gymnastics completely coincides with the specific treatment our Rebbe published in Hayom Yom for 28 Menachem Av. “In the treatment of diseases of the body, there are generally two ways: a) To heal the particular organ or faculty that is defective, sick or weak; b) to strengthen the healthy organs and faculties so that they may overcome and heal the sick organ or faculty. This system of exercise improves the function of the entire body and is especially recommended for men over forty. Our instructors, Mr. Hayk Harutyunyan is an International Master of reductive gymnastics, Qigong, and has experience for 20 years . In the Masters practice there were cases where paralyzed people restored their health and start function normally. We have morning and evening classes. Participation is $5.

Healthy gymnastic Qigong for men

Master Class Qigong Hayk harutyunyan