If you like what we do, you can donate and help us to grow.

1. Donation directly to “Bitachon” Frum Defense Program

2. Donations more than $ 250  to our program is tax deductible.
CHJCC “Bitahon” Frum Defense Program (Crown Heights Jewish Community Center)

We thank our close friend and the first sponsor Yury Kan for his support. You help us grow.


We thank our friends Mr. and Mrs. Volkov. Their son is trained self defense in  our program and they sponsor  another child in our community.


We need to buy following equipment for our club. For get them for kids of our community we need your help. We will be very appreciated for your help.

  1. Martial Arts mats about 900 square feet, price $2000


2. Punching bags 5 pieces,  price $1500 ($ 300 each)


3. Wooden dummy 3 pieces, $1500 ($ 500 each)


4. Gym Swedish Wall 3 pieces, $900 ($ 300 each)


5. Kicking shield 10 pieces, $500 ($ 50 each)


6. Punching shield 10 couple, $ 200 ($ 20 each)